Our Sponsors & Advertisers 2016

A special note of HEARTFELT THANKS to all our sponsors,advertisers & members without those unconditional support & help,it would not have been an easy task for us.We look forward to see you every year at ' Prabaasee ' & ' Sanghamitra ' & get your continued support and co-operation.We would like to take this opportunity to also Thank all Other Sponsors,Advertisers as every bit of their support is the result of our growth & whatever we've achieved today.

Sanghamitra - Our Yearly Souvenir 2016

'Sanghamitra', the annual publication of 'Prabaasee Association of Malleswaram' has existed for the past 35 years.Our sponsor,patron and member count along with the size of this publication has also grown over the years.It has managed to retain its integrity and main objective of bringing the Bengali community together as one in a state far away from home.
With a deep sense of gratitude we acknowledge our deep indebtedness to all those who have joined us actively with all sincerity in offering our prayers to the Divine Mother, the source of all power for all that is good.
Additionally, by virtue of their tolerance, Prabaasee has achieved in uniting diversified group of people from Karnataka and other communities to a common platform of cultural & social association.
We look forward to see you every year at ' Prabaasee ' & ' Sanghamitra ' & get your continued support and co-operation.

Editor's Column

Dear patrons, as I humbly present to you this Sanghamitra 2016, I sincerely hope and wish that Sanghamitra has lived up to its reputation, as created by my predecessors. Although, much has gone into smoothing out the rough edges I might have missed some for which I apologize.

I would like to thank all those without whose contributions this magazine wouldn't have had the number of pages it has. And finally, a lot of credit and thanks goes to the Core Committee,our active members,associates, sponsors and advertisers without whose unconditional support and help, it would not have been an easy task for me to undertake the responsibilities of publishing such a huge magazine.

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