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The Prabaasee Association is a premier non-profit community organization, founded in 1978 by and for the people with an interest in the language, literature, culture and heritage of Bengal .This is a society established to promote the generation of mutual appreciation of cultural values between different communities in India.Functionally,it is committed to the organization of socio-cultural programmes,and to do the celebration of socio-religious festivals.
The celebration of the festival of worshipping the divine Mother Shree Shree Durga Forms an integral part of its major programme of activities. It is an active co-operation, participation,and support of a large number of individuals and corporate bodies that lead the celebration to its success. With a deep sense of gratitude we acknowledge our deep indebtedness to all those who have joined us actively with all sincerity in offering our prayers to the Divine Mother, the source of all power for all that is good.

From President's Desk [Dr.J.P.Bhattacharjee]


It is a great honour , blessing and privilege to welcome you all to the 31st Durga Puja festival organized by Prabaasee Association, Malleswaram. Year after year, your whole hearted support and participation made this a ‘Sarbajanin Puja', without any deviation from the original practices in Bengal we had the traditional ‘Dhunuchi Nach', distribution of ‘Bhog' and cultural programmes.
As we move forward, with the blessings of Ma Durga and your help and support, Prabaasee Association will improve its programmes and socio-cultural activities as we have done in the past by way of arranging free medical camps and extending help to the senior citizens staying in old age homes. We look forward with an ambition to groom ourselves in such a manner so that in the coming years we may enter into the areas of social activities which includes Community based rehabilitation, educating and empowering people with both physical and mental disabilities, extending help to ‘Anathalayas' and street children.

Our mission is to enable a cross border socio-economic process which will fuse aspirations and skills of people within and outside of the State of Karnataka , beyond language and religious diversity.I specially thank the members of the Core Committee, the Puja Committee and the volunteers for extending their tireless support to me to present you with this wonderful four days of gaiety.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to our Sponsors and Advertisers for their extended and continued support, even at a situation when the entire global economic scenario is facing downtrend due to recession.

Warm regards and best wishes!


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